Curriculum For Schools
Online lessons with experiments are available for teaching renewable energy in schools. Solar101 content is suitable for middle school. Each lesson is accompanied by a simple experiment that students can perform to consolidate their understanding. Short videos explain concepts in a movie format that engages younger students.

Lessons include experiments for students to do in class
SolarVu WebLab Lessons
Short videos explain each topic
SolarVu WebLab Videos

Study Real Solar PV Systems
WebLab™ is intended for senior grades. It includes experiments that require the students to use SolarVu® to study the performance of the solar PV system at their school to learn about real world performance. Lessons can be viewed online or download as a PDF and printed for classroom use where a computer is not available. WebLab™ includes an instructor guide with illustrations for teachers that wish to create their own lesson plans.

View lessons online or print PDF
SolarVu WebLab

Science Fair Projects
An excellent resource for a science fair project is the school's own solar PV system. Students can use SolarVu® to study system performance then print graphs with analysis and explanation. Photos and images can be uploaded into the slideshow using WebFilm® for sharing and exhibiting presentations online.

Practical science fair projects
SolarVu WebLab